Inside Sustainable And Ethical Foodservice Design

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Going Green – Inside Sustainable And Ethical Foodservice Design

“Sustainable,” “ethically-sourced” “eco-friendly” – you hear these buzzwords thrown around in food business marketing as customers are now more aware and quite particular of how their food is prepared and where it comes from. According to the 2017 Sustainable Dining research by OpenTable, 81 per cent of Australians opt for ethically sourced food with more than half gravitating towards restaurants that use locally-sourced seasonal produce. Going green is not just great for the environment, it is also a potential crowd-pleaser.

While many are more than glad to jump on the green bandwagon, adopting sustainable and ethical approaches to food business design and operations is easier said than done. The cost of acquiring eco-friendly equipment or using reclaimed materials can be quite steep. Joining the green movement may be great for attracting customers, but how do you keep it from hurting your design and fitout budget?