Glove or No Glove – Which is Better?

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Glove or No Glove – Which is Better?

During this pandemic we are in, I have observed a major increase in glove use, this from service stations to fast food restaurants.  What I have observed is a little scary with glove use nearly being universally, undertaken incorrectly. Observations included the following:

  • Persons using gloves to handle money then food items;
  • Persons handing different raw ingredients;
  • Persons undertaking multiple tasks using the same pair i.e. handling EFTPOS, then making a drink, then wrapping a sandwich, then wiping a bench (this all the same person in a 5 minute period!);
  • Persons not changing gloves regularly;
  • Persons scratching their face, then handling food items; and
  • My personal favourite washing gloved hands!

In my career, I have heard lots of conflicting opinions on glove usage, in my humble view, glove use not done correctly will directly put food handlers in danger of not only contaminating food but potentially contaminating themselves!

After a deep dive on glove use trends across Brisbane and some causal questioning of staff observed using the gloves in questions, here is what I learned: There is simply no consensus on correct glove use!  Most thought they were using the gloves correctly and genuinely believed they were protecting themselves and others by wearing the gloves.

So, I thought a little pro and con for both glove and hand use methods would be of benefit.