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Aussie Bread Bags reusable sustainable plasic free #bakeryportal

Aussie Bread Bags

We love working with enthusiastic like-minded retailers!

So if you’re a bakery, an online or ‘bricks & mortar’ sustainable/eco store or even a homewares shop, we’d love you to join a growing number of Aussie Bread Bags stockists!

The reasons customers and stockists prefer Aussie Bread Bags?

  • Aussie Bread Bags are made in Australia from quality cotton.
  • Aussie Bread Bags are both washable and freezer proof.
  • Aussie Bread Bags are reusable and replace any need for plastic when purchasing and storing bread.
  • Aussie Bread Bags are affordable and long lasting.
  • Aussie Bread Bags are completely compostable at the end of their life.
  • Healthy sales margins and generous trading terms.

We also offer our exclusively designed reusable bread bags for ‘self branding’ too! So, the same style as an Aussie Bread Bag but with your branding instead.

Plus we are capable of creating a completely unique bag style for those interested. Cake box bags, carry bags, baguette bags and everything in between!

Aussie Bread Bags reusable sustainable plasic free #bakeryportal

Where you can find us:

P: 0431 192 867
E:  info@aussiebreadbags.com.au
W: aussiebreadbags.com.au

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Sustainable bread storage

  • 100% plastic free
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
Aussie Bread Bags reusable sustainable plasic free #bakeryportal

Find us on social media: