Cold Bays – Common Issues & Fixes

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Cold Bays – Common Issues & Fixes… we did the research!

It is common for salad and sandwich and preparation cold bays to display cold food at temperatures between 5-10°C and it can be difficult to correct without significant investment. This particularly applies to older model cold bays that do not have cooling vents that feed cold air over installed food containers.

Brightly lit displays, with “cold plate” refrigeration, stacked high with food to be more appetising, are more difficult to manage than compact displays with overhead cooling. Regarding this Safe Food Pro has undertaken some research over the period of 3 weeks on different units, to determine what the temperatures are in real time using a Monitor Pro Data Logger with 2 different cold bays in real settings.

The results were to say the least, surprising and is a stark warning to all food operators using these devices that further diligence is required to ensure that the food you are serving is safe for consumption.