Setting Up Your Bakery Instagram

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5 Tips for Setting Up Your Bakery Instagram

Many small businesses struggle to harness the marketing benefits Instagram can generate. In part, this is due to the fact that Instagram is a visual medium that requires good planning and a level of creativity.

However, there are a few basic tips that you can follow to ensure that your Instagram efforts do not go to waste…

  1. Complete your bio
    Having a complete profile, including a logo or picture, well worded bio & website address (even if it links to your Facebook page), demonstrates professionalism & can, in itself, motivate contact. Don’t waste this opportunity to make a good ‘first impression’… Additionally, you don’t want to create an eye-catching Instagram presence and then not leave a way for the viewer to contact you or visit your shop.
  1. Plan your posts
    Plan to post quality content regularly. ‘Storyboarding’ and preparing your posts in advance helps. Your Instagram profile tells your business story pictorially, so it benefits from planning & preparation to make sure the message is clear. One suggestion to assist you in creating an eye-catching profile by posting in patterns.
  1. Use relevant hashtags
    Hashtags are an important way to establish unique branding, demonstrate relevance and connect your content to broader topics, events & products so that you can be found by those not currently following you. Use hashtags related to your location (eg. #sydneybakery #sunshinecoast), products (eg. #meatpiesofinstagram #sourdough) or business brand. Give considerable thought to the hashtags you’ll use when planning your posts.
  1. Connect & collaborate
    Success on Instagram is not just about numbers of followers, but genuine connections. Start interacting with existing customers, collaborators, target industry connections & publishers, business & community groups, and organisations involved with other related interests. DON’T BUY FAKES! Gradually you’ll develop an interactive audience that brings value to your business.
  1. Be active
    Establish a routine with your Instagram activity. Don’t just set it up & forget it. Don’t just post advertisements. Be social, develop connections & regularly participate. This will make your account & your business relevant & give you the greatest chance of success. While you don’t want to ‘waste’ inordinate time on this project, 15 minutes of activity each day can help you build your network and generate interest in your bakery.

Even though your bakery uses social media as a marketing tool, don’t overdo the sales pitch. Business accounts that are purely used for advertising quickly get ignored. Be authentic, tell your story & demonstrate your connection to your community.

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