Do Bread Bags Keep Bread Fresh?

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Do Bread Bags Keep Bread Fresh?

Bread is the staple of life.

There’s nothing like fresh bread. Crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. It’s heaven in a slice and most of us love it.

The hard part is keeping bread fresh so you can enjoy the whole loaf. Leave your lovely loaf out on the bench, unprotected and it will start to go dry and hard within hours. Put it in the fridge and it loses its softness, fluffiness and crustiness all at the same time.

Plastic bags have been hailed as the saviour of fresh bread for many years, keeping it fresher for longer. But in reality, they don’t breathe, meaning you lose your crusty crust in the best case scenario, and grow a large crop of mould in the worst case (and most frequent) scenario. The bad news is that when mould in residence, you can’t reuse the plastic bag either, which leads to plastics being thrown out and more damage to the environment.

What to do to keep your bread fresh?