How to Boost Customer Loyalty

EOI Master Craftsman margarines and shortenings for bakeries

How to Boost Customer Loyalty Regulars are gold—from both the bottom-line and from a word-of-mouth marketing perspective. For instance, a customer who likes your business will promote you to his/her friends, family and colleagues. It is much better financially in the long run to maintain your repeat customers rather than always struggling to attract new … Read more

COVID-19 Customer Engagement Tips

Baking Association of Australia BAA provides industry advice representation and promotion services to the Australian commercial baking industry

COVID-19 Customer Engagement Tips by Justin Bromage & Krystal Day A number of BAA members have expressed that, while much of the economy has suffered during the COVID-19 crisis we have all been experiencing, many retail bakeries have been unseasonably busy. The combination of travel restrictions, supermarket supply uncertainty and a community focus on supporting … Read more